Welcome to The Farm Ecologist.

The time to rethink and rebuild our food systems is upon us. And not only our food… but our fibre, fuel and health systems as well. 

For many it’s a scary, anxiety-inducing time; the amount of information is overwhelming;  and the future is more uncertain than ever. 

In the face of the fear, I’m seeing more and more people rise to meet this uncertainty with optimism, hope, and real-world skills in resiliency, from straightforward gardening and food preservation to a greater awareness of our deeply ingrained dependencies on centralized systems for our water, electricity, heating, clothing, food and media. This is awesome. 

It also means there are A LOT of folks turning to permaculture, regenerative agriculture, sustainable farming, homesteading and the off-grid living. Some have been dabbling and just decided to get serious about it; others are just starting off on their learning journeys. Either way — it’s all good, and I want to make sure they have the best information available. 

In the nearly two decades that I’ve been studying ecology, and the 15 years since I really started to focus on its applications to agriculture, I’ve found over and over that there are TWO things I’ve consistently noticed people struggle with:

      1. Wanting to know where to find “the science” behind permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and related practices; and
      2. Once (if!) they find it… wanting help to understand it, interpret it, and either apply it immediately — or at least be able to share it on Facebook or Twitter knowing it’s good, useful stuff. 

I’m here to help solve that. 

Every week, I send an email with a brief, bulleted summary of a scientific paper. Topics are generally related to food, ecology and health but range into economics, energy, waste management and the like. I gladly take suggestions, and am working on a way for folks to “upvote” or “top level” certain papers so that they get bumped to the front of the line.

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If you have questions, drop me a line at connect@thefarmecologist.com. I’m a real person, and I read and answer every email. 

P.S. The first few months’ of The Farm Ecologist I spent building a series of topic notes, which were released until mid-June 2020. You can check out earlier issues here and here (and follow links to see the others). However, given the enormous amount of time I was spending on these, and the fact that they ended up as rather scattered and unfocused, I’ve chosen to focus just on delivering focused summaries of the scientific literature, while sprinkling quotes throughout my work and webpages, and building an online bookstore to feature particular books I recommend. Not sure where the podcasts will go, but everything finds it place eventually.