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March 2021 Database Update
March 2021 Database Update

March 2021 Database Update

Several hundred citations added; 49 peer-reviewed journal articles from 2020 or 2021 shown below.

March 2021 Database Additions: Publication Year 2020 OR 2021.

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    1. Susan Cousineau

      Hi Tjorven! I’m referring to my Regenerative Ag Science Database (RAS-D) which is more recently simply The Farm Ecologist database… a Zotero library with several hundred (and constantly growing, hence the occasional updates) papers related to various aspects of regenerative agriculture and permaculture.

      The official home is but I’m currenlty working with a developer and some funding possibilities to make it a publicly available and searchable database. Unfortunately the WordPress plug-in (Zotpress) maxes out at 125 citations, so I can’t just hit ‘publish’ on the whole lot.

      I’ll send an invite to the Zotero group so you can access it, but it’s a work in progress!

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