Hey, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m Susan Cousineau. I help people to better understand the science of ecology, through the lens of agriculture.

Through teaching, consulting, writing, and research, my specific aim is to advance the science and application of farming through regenerative practices.

My Work

My writing has been published in magazines like BC Organic Grower and Holistic Management International’s In Practice. I hold certificates in permaculture and regenerative agriculture design; and have conducted ecological and biological research from East Africa to the Amazon and western Canada. Along the way I also completed a double Masters degrees in evolution and ecology.

Grazing for organic weed management with goats in Alberta, Canada (2016) with Baah'd Plant Management.

In Real Life

I live in southern California, on a suburban quarter acre food forest with my biologist husband, Laine MacTague, and our daughter Linden.

In my free time, you can find me riding horses, salvaging redwood fence pickets to turn them into beautiful things, and coaxing my adventurous daughter out of the fruit trees.


Want more?

You can find more about my consulting, writing, and research services here.