Terms and Conditions

See also The Farm Ecologist Privacy Policy page for information on how we collect, store, and use data (including yours).

Use of the services and materials associated with The Farm Ecologist and myself, Susan Cousineau, constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

I’m not a doctor, and as such, do not accept my work as medical advice, or as prescriptive in any sense of the word. I provide the best advice I am currently able given my training (as described in my About page) and lived experience. It is your responsibility as the consumer to apply said advice to your personal context, life, landscape and situation; and to determine through your own experience and further learning how, if, where and in what circumstances it may (and may not) apply to you. 

If you have paid for a course, workshop or other training materials, and are unsatisfied with the product, please contact me at admin@thefarmecologist. I am happy to issue full refunds for all products, including downloaded digital products.

I accept the risk that unscrupulous individuals might take advantage of this policy to get free access to my work, and balance that against the desire to only provide (and get paid for) materials that offer exceptional value. 

I’m currently drafting a more comprehensive Terms & Conditions policy, but basically:

1) If you copy or share my work, please give credit to the posted author (usually me, Susan Cousineau), and to The Farm Ecologist with explicit reference to the date you accessed the material and a URL. 

2) If you have questions, please just ask! I love to hear from readers. Email me at admin@thefarmecologist.com. 

Live regeneratively, and carry on.